Apr 20

Our favorite education- themed movies

Over the years the Wahjay – STEM team has watched a few movies. Here are our inspirational favorites. Please let us know if you plan to watch any and what you think about the story line if you’d like. These stories are inspirational and have complex messages in them. The stories based in Africa are mostly nonfiction stories, that give the audience an understanding of the reality children face at a granular level. If you have not seen some of these stories, we encourage you to take some time with your family and watch them. We also hope that these stories inspire you to donate to Wahjay-STEM’s cause, bringing STEM education to all public primary school children from 4-6th grade. A few of these stories listed, have helped Wahjay – STEM’s principal, Giewee Hammond, get through with her second Master degree at Texas A&M.  (On the way to school,  Ben Carson Story: Gifted Hands). All of the listed are based on overcoming odds to learn.

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